Encouraging Teens/Forcing Learning/Using Fewer Words (Podcast 249)

September 27th, 2021

A while back I asked, “If you could ask a veteran homeschooling mom anything, what would it be?”

Today I am answering three of those questions: 

How do you help/encourage teens to explore options after high school? I have a junior in high school that doesn’t have a clue what direction he wants to go. He goes between engineer and car mechanic…..very different paths!

As a former public school teacher, the homeschool world was never ever something I expected to find let alone to admire it. 

My question is how do you discern when you’re trying to force something on your children and when it’s God calling you out of your comfort zone? 

I loved the last half of your new book, especially the boy part! I know all these things but how specifically did you “say fewer words!?” I am horrible at talking too much!!

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