Grace for a Mom’s Heart- Psalm 5 (Podcast 83)

September 4th, 2019

Welcome to Grace for a Mom’s Heart, a short devotional created for any mom who wants to grow in her understanding of the Word and it’s application to motherhood!

(You have the choice to read the devotional in full on my website or listen here!)

Today we are going to dive into Psalm 5, but I love to preface our scripture reading and study by laying a foundation, a perspective before we read through the passage.

Our culture wants to make everything ok and if you don’t agree, you are called a hater and a bigot. 

Yet as we continue to look into God’s Word, we see over and over again that God hates sin and the Bible is full of ongoing warnings against it. 

If you have never studied the names of God I would encourage you to do just that. (There is a link to a study at the bottom of this post on my website.) There is something powerful in having a deeper understanding of the many facets of who God is. When we begin to grasp just a little of the fullness of who He is, it makes it easier to understand why He does the things He does. 

We know that God is perfect love, but He is also perfectly holy, just and righteous. So all of these qualities(and more) are part of who God is.  That means that He cannot be ONLY love and ignore justice, holiness, etc. He is all of those in the most perfect ways and He acts accordingly. That means He cannot tolerate sin and why He hates evil and yet because He is gracious, loving, and patient,  He does not destroy mankind. It’s also why He sent Jesus.

Once Adam and Eve sinned in the garden man has had a sinful heart that rebels against God. Because God is a holy God, man could no longer be in His presence, but God in His grace, kindness and amazing love made a way back for us. He did that in the person of Jesus, who took our place, bore the sin, and took the punishment for it so that we could have access to God again. 

I realize that probably all of you know this. I have known it my whole life, but when we’ve heard it so much, we can almost become immune to how amazing and life-changing this really is....(to read the rest of the post, go to

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